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Aniko Fritz

Languages: English, Hungarian

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WIN AND LET WIN - CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Leadership, Soft Skills Details

Communication Teacher, Learning & Development and Recruitment Specialist, Business and Management Coach, Trainer with 500+ training days experience. Spent 10+ years at the multinational working environment as an HR professional, 5 years as freelancer trainer and coach. She is involved in the designing and delivery of soft skill development, behavioral event interviewing, talent management, management development topics. When designing a development program she puts a strong emphasis on preparatory work (through client management and participant interviews) in order to tailormade the program for best meeting learning expectations. Representing a gentle development attitude she focuses on mastering clients extant strengths.

As an MCPA certified coach, she enables clients to find and deploy their own ways and instruments in self-development.  Her structured mindset creates transparency in her clients functioning and enhances becoming their ”best self”. She provides service both in English and Hungarian language.