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From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence

by don mcgrath

Languages: English

Price (from): €10,000 / day

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About the trainer:

Dr. Don McGrath has a unique background that has enabled him to create the From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence workshop. He spent nearly thirty years as an engineer and senior leader in Fortune 500 companies, where he led large engineering teams. During that period, he gave thousands of presentations ranging from technical talks at conferences to business presentations to General Managers and CEOs, and everything in between.

Dr. McGrath also developed an interest in writing and authored six books, four of which were best-sellers. Through his journey as an author, he studied public speaking from some of the world’s top speakers including Les Brown. During this time, he became a highly skilled speaker and won awards for his several of his talks.

He has combined all that he has learned about presenting and speaking into this workshop aimed at making technical staff more effective in influencing their audiences. He recalls how it seemed like every time there was a big presentation to upper management or customers, either he or only one or two technical staff were entrusted to do so. The stakes are high and can’t be trusted to just anyone. The problem wasn’t one of technical knowledge, after all he typically wasn’t the expert. It boiled down to how the information was presented. How he wished he could have had ten more technical staff members to share the load. Now you can!



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From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence by don mcgrath

About the training

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your best and brightest technical talent had the presentation and communication skills of your best sales and marketing talent? Technical talent who can communicate their ideas clearly and effectively exist in every company, and they are the jewels of the company. We can all think of at least one of these people. They are the go-to people. They walk on water. They are rare. Have you ever wondered how much faster your company could move if all your staff would be effective and confident communicators? What if technical data were summarized and presented to your team and customers with clarity and with clear recommendations and calls to action? Have you ever wondered how much more efficient your company would be if the technical experts could be leveraged more effectively in presenting technical solutions to your upper management and customers? What if I told you that many of your technical staff could be taught these skills? What if I told you that they could be taught these skills in two day? From Informing to Influencing: Create Technical Experts Who Influence Don McGrath, Ph.D. offers this two-day workshop that teaches key presentation skills to managers and senior technical staff members, enabling them to clearly, confidently, concisely, and effectively communicate their ideas to your company’s teams, upper management and customers so that the right information is shared effectively and proper decisions are made quickly. This unique workshop provides a proven presentation structure that brings the audience on a journey that leads them to a specific call to action. Using techniques learned from thousands of technical and business presentations made as a senior leader in Fortune 500 companies and from training with some of the world’s top speakers, Dr. McGrath shows workshop participants the ingredients for a talk that gets results. Dr. McGrath used these techniques to: - Win business in the hundreds of millions of dollars - Build the technology behind over $20 billion in sales - Get $10,000,000 of funding to build new product validation labs - Grow technology organizations by 50% - Stabilize customer relationships during crisis - Develop many high-potential leaders Learning Outcomes: Create a real-life presentation that gets results Structure their ideas in a convincing way Create a clear call to action (desired outcome) for their presentation Craft slides that clearly support their call to action Create a story from the information in their presentation Present the information in a confident and relaxed manner Engage an audience in their talk and build rapport Business Outcomes: Operational Efficiency Typically, very few technical staff members are capable of high-level presentations to senior management or customers. Imagine having many more technical staff who can share this burden. Staff Development and Satisfaction Exposure to upper management and customers is often a key factor in promotability. Training more technical staff to be capable of such presentations deepens the promotability of the technical bench, making for a much more effective organization. Improved customer relationships Customers love it when they get technical information from technical experts. They love it when relationships are built between their technical team and your technical team. Exposure of more of your technical talent to your customers deepens these relationships and improves customer experience. Improved decision making When presenters know all the background and know all the data, then and only then can the right decisions be made at a meeting. Training more technical staff to be able to present their work improves speed and quality of decision making.

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