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Florian Hommeyer

Languages: German, English

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Story of Success - Storytelling Health and Safety, Marketing beginner

I am Florian Hommeyer.

10 years ago, I started as a paramedic at the German Red Cross. As a next step I followed my career as an area manager for a German company in the surgical oncology field.  

I developed safety and product related trainings for the hospital staff in the operation theatre. Also I operated medical treatment devices. After 5 years I went to an international medical device company, where I was responsible for developing and maintaining the global training program as well as maintaining relationships with all of the international partners. 

Today I am a certified Trainer (CCI), Speaker, Storyteller, traveling around the globe, giving keynote lectures, developing brands and facilitating trainings for complex products and storytelling.

I don’t just care about training.

I care about you!