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Story of Success - Storytelling

by Florian Hommeyer

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €2,160 / day

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About the trainer:

I am Florian Hommeyer.

10 years ago, I started as a paramedic at the German Red Cross. As a next step I followed my career as an area manager for a German company in the surgical oncology field.  

I developed safety and product related trainings for the hospital staff in the operation theatre. Also I operated medical treatment devices. After 5 years I went to an international medical device company, where I was responsible for developing and maintaining the global training program as well as maintaining relationships with all of the international partners. 

Today I am a certified Trainer (CCI), Speaker, Storyteller, traveling around the globe, giving keynote lectures, developing brands and facilitating trainings for complex products and storytelling.

I don’t just care about training.

I care about you!


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Story of Success - Storytelling by Florian Hommeyer

About the training

#Story of Success

Story of Success - Storytelling

Wondering why your marketing budget explodes but the ROI is still small?

Many companies struggle, because the story is not in line with the product or strategy of your company.

With this "Story of Success"-training, the participants are able to build and communicate their own "Story of Success" for all their products or brands. "Story of Success" is a developed framework that helped many companies to clarify their message and increase business afterwards. The "Story of Success" framework works for B2B and B2C businesses.

With "Story of Success" the participants will learn a language that sells in three days.

Learning outcomes


The participants understand the power of story and how to develop their own message.


The participants learn how to present their own story and are introduced to the "Story of Success" framework.


The participants are able to work with the "Story of Success" framework to develop their own stories for their products or brands.


  • Why storytelling?

  • What is storytelling?

  • SoS framework

  • Story of Success in B2B/B2C

  • Storybranding

Main benefits

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