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Organisation Design

by Graham Dalton

Languages: English

Price (from): €1,250 / day

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About the trainer:

Graham Dalton is widely recognised as one of the most experienced global organisational design practitioners. Graham has over 20 years’ experience (well over 12,000 hours of client facing organisational design project delivery), delivering over 100 projects with more than 50 different clients. Graham has worked across the private, public and voluntary sectors in a full range of different industries, guiding and facilitating Chief Executives and their top teams in their strategic organisational design assignments. Graham specialises in strategic organisational design, including: senior stakeholder engagement; As-Is assessment; option design and evaluation; co-designing the optimal model for the client’s needs; top team restructuring; governance arrangements; and testing, clarifying, refining and defining the new structure, roles and responsibilities. After 15 years working as a senior operations manager and 15 years working as a Director in PwC, Graham now works as an Independent Management Consultant, Trainer & Coach - and is especially interested in international training assignments. Graham also has a Non-Executive Director role for the Department of Justice in Northern Ireland.


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Organisation Design by Graham Dalton

About the training

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With many markets in the region gearing up for continued post-recession business growth and responding to a difficult and changing external environment, it is more important than ever that your organisational design helps your business to deliver on its strategic priorities. Strategic organisational design is focused on aligning your organisation’s structure; roles and responsibilities; Key Performance Indicators; governance arrangements; policies, processes and procedures; and infrastructure with your strategic objectives and plans. Organisational redesign is a big undertaking and poses significant risk to your organisation: not only must you get the design right, but you also need to bring clarity to your new design – or risk ambiguity, confusion, frustration and ineffective teamworking and decision making. This masterclass will provide an overview of the latest thinking on organisational design and the key phases and steps needed to effectively deliver an organisational design project. This course will focus on the latest advanced best-practice tools and techniques for managing a strategic redesign. Emphasis will be given to the Assessment and Design phases. Understanding what you require from your new design and how to get your design principles and evaluation criteria right. And show you how to make sure you choose the optimal design for your organisation and how to build, test, clarify, refine and define your new design. Finally, this course will cover the Construct, Implement, Operate & Review phases and the key steps and tools needed to deliver and embed your new design and its expected benefits. This course will be highly interactive with plenary and group discussions and exercises; and time set aside for Questions & Answers and review to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Learning outcomes

Organisation’s structure

Increase your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by aligning your organisation’s structure, roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators and governance arrangements to your strategic objectives

Interrelationships between the operating units in your organisation

Increase your organisation’s business performance and senior team’s effectiveness by clarifying how your organisation is designed and the interrelationships between the various operating and support units in your organisation

The co-design of your organisation

Enhance your reputation and influence by understanding the key steps, tools and techniques to effectively facilitate the co-design of your organisation with your senior colleagues – and improve their understanding, ownership, confidence and motivation for your new design

The relationship between organisational design, organisational development and operating models

Discover the relationship between organisational design, organisational development and operating models; and what it really means and takes to be an ‘agile’ organisation


  • Introduction

  • Organisational Design Theory

  • Organisational Design Fundamentals

  • Assess Phase

  • Design Phase – Part 1: Design

  • Design Phase – Part 2: Clarify, Test, Refine & Define

  • Construct Phase and Implement, Operate & Review Phase

  • Case Study – cementing the learning

  • Agile Organisational Design

  • Review, Questions & Answers and additional topics

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