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Developing Your Interpersonal Skillset In Complex Business Organizations

by Ivica Zuro

Languages: English, Croatian, Serbian

Price (from): €250 / day

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About the trainer:

Ivica Zuro is a person of rich professional experience obtained while working in diverse groups.

Graduated from Faculty of Economics Split. Started career at finance in a retail company, after that transferred to trading and wholesale in the biggest company of that kind in SE Europe.

Last 11 years spent in banking on various positions from Relationship Manager to Head of Region. Had the opportunity to attend business education in Paris conducted by Oxford Group and Societe Generale. Besides doing business in banking, Ivica acts as a business consultant primarily in the area of market analysis and business development perspectives.

An avid traveler and basketball player, photography is also big interest, quiz shows too – won Croatian editions of shows Jeopardy, Chase, and Code.


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Developing Your Interpersonal Skillset In Complex Business Organizations by Ivica Zuro

About the training

#Better work area relations lead to better performance and better business result   #Better personal communication as the most valuable skill to every role employee can hold   #Defining of capability for development of interpersonal skills of people within organization

Interpersonal skills are diverse and form a central part of working with other people.
They are equally important to success in roles spanning all industries, but they are rarely asked for specifically in a job description. Here we offer some insight into what they are, how to improve them, and how to show prospective employers to excel at them. The best thing about more formal or structured skills training is that often you’ll develop several skills at once.

This is a favorite part of psychologists consultant during educations in companies, but they tend to do it in general and very often do not offer the experience of doing it while being a real manager in a real company and leading real sales and business teams.

Interpersonal skills aren’t mutually exclusive, and often skills are most effective when applied together - communication and positivity complement and enhance each other.

Training duration: 1st session 2 days per group, 2nd session 1 day per group including exit interview.
Includes theory, case studies from life and learning through real business roles.



Learning outcomes


Succeeding to manage most enjoyable and most challenging parts of employee and team work life


Improvement of interpersonal skills throughout every phase of career, ensuring one is the best candidate and employee it can be


Improvement of employee self-esteem as a consequence of improvement of interpersonal skills, thus leading to better performance


  • Communication As Listener

  • Cold Head Problem-solving

  • Adaptability For Other Not Only As Delegator

  • Positivity As Key of Maintaining Good Team Morale

  • Collaboration

  • Honesty

  • Work ethic

  • Ability to manage stress

Main benefits

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