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Presenting a Project


Languages: English, Spanish, French, Croatian

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About the trainer:

Hi! I am Croatian/Aussie/Spanish Communication Professional who successfully trains people on communication strategy, skills, and content. My motto is: "everyone a communicator". My goal is to integrate clear communications into every aspect of an organization's structure. I always wanted to be a teacher. So I become a learner first. Life took me from my hometown Zagreb to sunny Melbourne ( where I learned how to spell), to noisy Madrid ( where I learned how to dance) and then to rainy Brussels where I live now, happily ever after. Since moving to Brussels back in 2008, I held posts as Communication and Public Relations Manager with a well-known politician, the European Commission, a PR agency, a non-profit and a lobby (in that order). At heart, I am a communication architect, planning and building as many bridges between people as I possibly can.

My passion for teaching and the experience of working in a number of Brussels-based organizations as a communications manager. I founded Target Talk in 2011 and have since coached and trained hundreds of professionals in the art of public speaking and closely related communication skills.


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Presenting a Project by MASHA TARLE

About the training

#the latest topics   #group dynamic   #learning   #constructive feedback

Why Project presentations are different Using Storytelling in and around Projects High-stakes Project presentations Understanding the audience. Making it relevant. Presenting challenges. Answering questions How to create interesting content Dynamic Facilitation techniques for project meetings. Full day or half-a-day Price: course Price: Please ask for an individualized offer for your organization.

Learning outcomes

Project presentations

Projects have their own challenges and you need to learn how to finally, make project presentations relevant, interesting and interactive.

Learning and constructive feedback

The trainer brings you the latest topic developments and tips adapted to your sector. There is a group dynamic that allows learning and constructive feedback.


We set aside time for reflexion on what we have learned.

Action plans

Participants create their own action plans for further skill practice.


  • Various topics

  • Learning and constructive feedback

  • Role plays and scenarios

  • Time for reflexion

  • Action plan creation

Main benefits

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  • #Highest level of proficiency

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