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Coaching for Public Speaking

by Michael Virardi

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Michael R. Virardi is a world-renowned trainer, speaker and best-selling author on Public Speaking, Leadership and Business Culture. Working in 17 countries and with some of the world’s most prestigious and recognized companies, such as The American P&I Club, Microsoft, and Ericsson, Michael has now become one of the most highly respected and in-demand speakers and trainers in all continents.

He has written two best-selling books entitled “Positive Impact” and “Crisis? Let’s Beat it”. His 2016 “The Circle of Trust™” address, at the 5thHR Minds Forum in Berlin, Germany was voted the best of the entire two days and has been seen and shared by thousands of viewers online.

Michael is a world-renowned trainer with a passion for teaching. He has facilitated public speaking and communication seminars across the globe at distinguished organizations such as Microsoft, Ericsson, and Henley & Partners. He is a visiting lecturer at two of the leading universities in the world: University College London (UCL) and the University of Lausanne.


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Coaching for Public Speaking by Michael Virardi

About the training

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Are you a C-level Executive who wants to speak to inspire? From the boardroom to the conference table, to live broadcast, to a keynote - no matter the setting, this one-to-one coaching is about you taking your speaking game up to the level of your achievement with more ease, more confidence, more dynamism and above all more authenticity. Michael will guide you to craft a compelling narrative to get your message across in a powerful way and will also help you prepare an engaging delivery to impress your audiences.

Learning outcomes

Key messages in presentations

Discovering the key premise and key messages you want to put across during your presentation or speech.

Creative ways to communicate

Coming up with creative ways to communicate all of the above.

Structuring and arranging narrative

Arranging the content and structuring your narrative to create a powerful storyline.

Powerful delivery

Preparing and practising a powerful delivery to engage your audience.

Memorizing a speech

Tips and guidance to memorize your speech.


  • Discovering the key premise and key messages

  • Creative ways to communicate

  • Creating a powerful storyline

  • Memorize your speech

  • Powerful delivery

Main benefits

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