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Peter Koczian

Languages: English, Hungarian

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The Hidden Division Among People Introverts and Extroverts in the same working place Leadership beginner

I was a  journalist for 25 years. Besides sensations, I was very interested in people’s behavior in institutions and their mutual effect on one another. As a PR advisor working with my own PR agency, organizational development problems find me more and more.

Simple speech writing tasks spilled into discussing organizational problems in a minute. Marketing became advisory work on company built-up. Communicating brand values turned into positioning companies in the world from the line of their products to their existence as a whole entity. Without a clear cross-bordering phase, the work turned into coaching. One problem led to another.

Daily management cried out for strategy. Strategy asked for implementation, which in turn necessitated HR, sales, organizational development solutions. My communication skills and practice made the foundation for communication-based skill development. And here I am now.