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The Hidden Division Among People Introverts and Extroverts in the same working place

by Peter Koczian

Languages: English, Hungarian

Price (from): €900 / day

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About the trainer:

I was a  journalist for 25 years. Besides sensations, I was very interested in people’s behavior in institutions and their mutual effect on one another. As a PR advisor working with my own PR agency, organizational development problems find me more and more.

Simple speech writing tasks spilled into discussing organizational problems in a minute. Marketing became advisory work on company built-up. Communicating brand values turned into positioning companies in the world from the line of their products to their existence as a whole entity. Without a clear cross-bordering phase, the work turned into coaching. One problem led to another.

Daily management cried out for strategy. Strategy asked for implementation, which in turn necessitated HR, sales, organizational development solutions. My communication skills and practice made the foundation for communication-based skill development. And here I am now.


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The Hidden Division Among People Introverts and Extroverts in the same working place by Peter Koczian

About the training

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As a speaking event:  

We would label ourselves and one another with the familiar expression: I am an introvert, he is an extrovert. By using these notions we used to sign our roles and our contribution to our community or to our company. We psycho-tag ourselves in the soul-map of a smaller or larger community. There also negative and positive aspects associated with these labels in which extroverts are the cheerleaders and the introverts are sent back to the back offices. These labels design our carrier path explains our deficiencies and mistakes as well.

Nothing could be more wrong.

I would speak about extroverts and introverts as yin and yang, two complementary parts of human thinking and activity with the emphasis that a good mix of them can lead to better results. It must be built on mutual knowledge and acceptation. More harmony in the workplace needs mutual care from both kinds of people to attend to others' needs.

As a workshop

Participants will explore the dynamism of two sides who must work under one roof at the workplace. Based on their personal experiences, we would discover what hurts them in dealing with their counterparts. We would also cover the disadvantage of the working cooperation among similar personalities and the advantage of different personalities working together.  We would label tasks, challenges, the situation in which the personal traits work for or against the solutions. We would work on a mutual verbal and action vocabulary that could help the participants later in their mutual understanding and their handling one another properly.


As a speaking event:

One hour: 500 euro

One and half hour: 750 euro

Two hours: 1000 euro

As a workshop per hour: 

1-6 people: 300 euro

7- 12 people: 600 euro

12 – 20 people: 900 euro

Learning outcomes


A better understanding of the two types.


A better perspective on the advantage and the disadvantage of introverts and extroverts.


A better understanding of the working, reward and management aspects of their special needs and the ways to treat them properly and efficiently.


A code to speak and behave with the introverts and extroverts.

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