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Leveraging LinkedIn

by Radina Nedyalkova

Languages: Bulgarian, English

Price (from): €2,200 / day

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About the trainer:

Radina is a psychologist, trainer and guest lecturer with 10 years of international agency & in-house HR and talent acquisition experience. Her corporate career includes global companies like LinkedIn and Airbnb and her expertise lies in establishing talent best practices across multiple regions and cross-cultural/cross-functional teams. She has lived and work in Bulgaria, USA, Singapore and Ireland. Radina is currently a remote talent advisor and trainer through her own brand - Vox Advisory.


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Leveraging LinkedIn by Radina Nedyalkova

About the training

#LinkedInLeverage   #HR and TalentExcellence   #Hiring the right people   #RecruitmentBestPractices   #Getting top talent   #Driving your employer brand   #Improving culture   #Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network worldwide with more than 650M members, 35M companies and over 2M posts published every day. Tapping this platform on a scale and ensuring that your team is fully equipped with the right knowledge is mission-critical – everyone is online! Did you know that if you Google your name, your LinkedIn profile will be most likely in the first 3 results? This workshop is created for a broad spectrum of professionals and can be tailored depending on your needs: sales, customer success, recruitment or just to create your employer brand and leverage the power of LinkedIn. We will complete a number of individual and group exercises, along with some brainstorming on your Company brand.

Learning outcomes

Personal and employer brand

You will learn valuable techniques to convert your profile into a powerful branding tool. Driving awareness – each participant will be equipped with the right knowledge of attracting the right audience. Creating opportunities at scale – whether you are in sales, recruitment or finance, you will understand how to navigate your network, content and exposure on the biggest professional platform

Confidence and Integrity

Doing the right thing with the right tools is critical for every hiring process. Champion the Candidate experience – you will create the perception of being an Employer of Choice. Minimize hiring costs – being effective and smart with your time & resources would result in overall success

Be ahead of the curve

Break the status quo and embrace change. Optimize cost and create the right strategy – you will see effective practices rolled out in top tech companies


  • The LinkedIn Algorithm

  • Building a top notch profile

  • Leveraging your network

  • Tips & Tricks

  • (additional modules: Hiring / Selling on LinkedIn)

Main benefits

  • #Wide collection of the biggest experts
  • #Filters for all kinds of needs
  • #User friendly platform
  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency

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