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Employee Happiness

by Reyhan Elmasri

Languages: English, Turkish

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

Reyhan Elmasri is giving workshops named “Employee Happiness” in the UAE and Turkey. Her workshops can be applied to different modules, time-slots, and conditions. As well as knowledge and experience as a trainer, her long-time corporate life experience gained in Procter & Gamble, Deloitte and Egon Zehnder causes to build real empathy, get very efficient and sustainable results.

She is sharing practices which can be applied easily in fast-paced corporate and private life. All these practices are scientifically proven. These provide great benefits for the body-mind-emotion wellness and self-motivation as well as conflict management, team harmony, quality communication, and motivation. They may be combined with other organizations or can take place on its own.

Clients include TNS, Wrigley, Nielsen, Pepsico, Dubai Refreshments, Summertown, Nestlé, Turkish Business Council, ENOC, Ülker, Doğan Holding, Marsh, Allianz, Ekol Logistics, Kılıç Holding, Mondelez, Brand Travel, TAV, Turkcell, Besler Food, Chep, Vodafone, IPWIN, Bosch, Philips, TEB, NN Life Insurance & Pension, İnci Holding, contrast, Vakıf Pension, Denizbank, Tümay Özokur Academy, Epik Holding, Saniter, ICC Construction, Yapı Kurumsal, BTS & Partners, Stanley Black & Decker, Turkish Statistical Institute, BUİKAD, Trendyol, Kantar Insight, Weir Minerals, İşnet, Vertiv.

Corporate clients report that they not only cope with stress at work and accomplish goals more easily, but also they enjoy the increased enhanced relationship, better work/life balance, emotional balance, and peace-of-mind.

She is a certified Breathing Coach, Breathing Therapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator and has different Energy Healing Qualifications including NLP, EFT. She is practicing the emotional detox program which helps people to achieve great progress in general healing and consciousness in only a few sessions. She has a book published with the same name in Turkish (Duygusal Detox).

She guides people to focus on their emotional wellness in both corporate workshops and personal sessions to strengthen their life energy. The feedback received from thousands of participants and clients since many years prove that she adds value in an effective and sustainable way.


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Employee Happiness by Reyhan Elmasri

About the training

#Stress   #Empathy   #Body Mind Emotions   #Wellbeing

These workshops are receiving very positive feedbacks from well-reputed organizations about their
effectiveness and sustainability. It contains different modules which can also be combined with other
meetings, organizations, training as well. Improved Overall Wellbeing 

The content can be customized and enriched according to the needs and conditions of the client.

Learning outcomes

Personal Development

Providing continuous personal energy and self-motivation; Ability to work and live with mindfulness; Reducing interpersonal conflicts by emotional empathy

Managing Emotions

Anger and emotional reactions management; Increasing the threshold of stress, anxiety and urge; Ensuring mental relaxation and tranquility

Improved Overall Wellbeing and Mind

Empowering the immune system, weight control, healthy sleep, and physical health; Improving intuitive intelligence and using the power of the mind; Strengthening concentration, memory, and ability of healthy decision making; Using brain capacity more efficiently


  • Preventing, Managing & Releasing Stress

  • Emotional Health

  • Emotional Empathy in Corporate Life

  • Mindfulness

  • Daily Practices for the Fitness of Body Mind Emotions

  • Quality Life By Breathing

  • Mind Power & Intuitive Intelligence

  • Individual Sessions

Main benefits

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