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Mastering LinkedIn: Brand Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Social Selling

by Ritchie Pettauer

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €1,500 / day

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About the trainer:

I am an online marketing expert, an associate lecturer at the University of Vienna and a blogger based Austria. I am passionate about the evolution of digital media. My consulting company pnc, founded in 2002, helps my clients embrace the power of cutting edge online marketing tactics. Digitalization changes the very DNA of every business - let me help you master these changes with ease. Also, I teach new media at the Department of Science of the Communication / University of Vienna which was in 2019 voted the second best communication department in Europe by Shanghai University list.

In 2006 I started which has since then become one of the most popular German weblogs on digital marketing. I am a member of needle's advisory board, general secretary of the Austrian Internet Council and keynote speaker at online marketing conferences.


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Mastering LinkedIn: Brand Building, Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Social Selling by Ritchie Pettauer

About the training

#linkedin   #socialselling   #contentmarketing   #brandbuilding   #networking

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has rapidly grown into the world’s largest social business network. While during the early years, LinkedIn was mostly focused on the job- and recruiting markets, the introduction of the “Economic Graph” algorithm in 2014 lay the foundations for today’s enormous popularity in the fields of content marketing and brand building.

In 2019, LinkedIn has exploded in terms of activity, new users and the amount of content which is published every day. While the platform’s popularity keeps skyrocketing and an increasing number of brands try to leverage the power of social selling, these important questions remain:

  • How do you make your content and your brand stand out?
  • How do you deliver your message to the right audience?
  • How do you convert leads into customers?

Fully leveraging the power of LinkedIn requires a complex strategy involving not only your company page but your employees and influencers as well. Optimized profiles, the right kind of useful content and a targeted network are key factors to long-term LinkedIn success. This workshop will put all the required knowledge, tools and insights at your fingertips.

Learning outcomes

Profile and network optimization

The participants learn which factors determine the visibility of their profile and gain a deep understanding of the economic graph’s implications for each user’s individual network.

Content Marketing Framework

Participants develop editorial concepts for their own content marketing and learn how to do content research for their target customers.

Brand Building Strategy

Brand building on LinkedIn means personal branding for managers and leading employees. Participants develop their own personal brand building strategy.

Lead Generation

Participants get to know the various methods of lead generation as well as their strengths and weaknesses.


  • General introduction: the role of social media in lead generation and acquisition

  • Why Micro-Influencing is the new (algorithm-driven) key to LinkedIn success

  • The inner workings of LinkedIn's economic graph algorithm

  • Personal profile vs. company page publishing

  • Brand building, reach and targeting

  • Networking strategies on LinkedIn

  • Profile optimization

  • Content marketing: of mice and memes

  • Lead generation and nurturing with Sales Navigator

Main benefits

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