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The Presentation Secrets

by Savvas Trichas

Languages: Greek, English

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About the trainer:

I like to combine cutting edge research with instruction creating motivational moments with practical value. I am a 2-times TEDx speaker (Las Vegas and Athens) and have collaborated with several prestigious universities and organizations such as Stanford University, the University of Durham, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Association of Cyprus Banks. I am also associated with the FBI National Academy Associates Cyprus Police where I serve as a guest lecturer under the topics of management, communication, and deception detection.

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The Presentation Secrets by Savvas Trichas

About the training

#presentation skills   #confidence   #body language

In our today’s fast moving and highly competitive business environment everyone communicates but only a few people connect. When people can truly connect, every moment they spend with others, they can make it valuable, and if they are in business, they can make it profitable. In this 4-session workshop secrets of great presentations are introduced

Learning outcomes

Split attention effects

Learn how to avoid split attention effects

Brain science

Detect windows of attention span and regain attention through brain science

Three-dimensional storytelling

Practice the mechanics of three-dimensional storytelling for advanced public speaking

Body positions

Read others body posture and transmit confidence with using specific body positions


  • May I Have Your Attention Please?

  • The Storyteller’s Unspoken Story

  • It’s What You Don’t Say that Matters

  • From the Interrogation Room to the Speaker’s Stage

Main benefits

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