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Sue Farmer

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Building a Coherent Team to Enhance Performance and Well-being HR, Leadership Details

Sue has a real passion for helping people be their best at work, at home, and in life – no matter what that looks like.  Her career spans some 30+ years, working cross-sector and indeed across the globe.  Her extensive research and personal development have led her to an evolving understanding of how humans work, what we need, what gets in the way and how to overcome these obstacles.  Among the many tools and techniques, she has qualified in are NLP, Hypnotherapy, Principles of the Mind, Reiki, Systemic Coaching and more recently Shamanic practices and HeartMath.


She knows that in order the world of business to become sustainable for humans, we need to change how we operate at all level.  She recognizes the critical role our emotions play in this, regardless of how intellectually and physically capable we are.   She is on a crusade to help people help themselves…one step at a time!