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Building a Coherent Team to Enhance Performance and Well-being

by Sue Farmer

Languages: English

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About the trainer:

Sue has a real passion for helping people be their best at work, at home, and in life – no matter what that looks like.  Her career spans some 30+ years, working cross-sector and indeed across the globe.  Her extensive research and personal development have led her to an evolving understanding of how humans work, what we need, what gets in the way and how to overcome these obstacles.  Among the many tools and techniques, she has qualified in are NLP, Hypnotherapy, Principles of the Mind, Reiki, Systemic Coaching and more recently Shamanic practices and HeartMath.


She knows that in order the world of business to become sustainable for humans, we need to change how we operate at all level.  She recognizes the critical role our emotions play in this, regardless of how intellectually and physically capable we are.   She is on a crusade to help people help themselves…one step at a time!


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Building a Coherent Team to Enhance Performance and Well-being by Sue Farmer

About the training

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What is team coherence? Team Coherence is where all the players fit together to form a unified, aligned whole. They have an innate resilience, a depth of energy and a connected sense of wisdom that can resolve even the toughest of problems. In order to build this depth, a team needs to be able to: create rechargeable batteries, to provide energy ‘on demand’, access open-minded curiosity, have personal security whilst understand how to slow and even stop the team performance drain – aka stress! In a world driven by speed, ever demanding technical know-how and continuous pressure to do more with less, individuals and teams need to learn to know who they truly are, how to create a sense of deep security and how to regulate their emotional energy so they can come together and build open-minded and connected high-performance teams based on a sense of trust and oneness. This 1-day overview course will introduce the science to explain why we have a growing mental or more accurately, emotional health epidemic, where anxiety is the norm and what we need to do to overcome this. It will provide a set of simple tools and approaches, that with practice, will build individual and team resilience, demonstrate how to safely and quickly recharge the batteries. In addition, it will start the process of enabling the team to connect at a level that enhances performance creates coherent team insight and also improves the overall well-being of the individuals and the team – with less stress and more fun!

Learning outcomes

Create a longer term strategy to ensure the knowledge and benefits continue after the workshop has finished!

Increase a sense of calm and well-being; Help individuals see their emotion in action – identifying the energy drain and be able manage it; Improve individual confidence; Enhance clarity and speed of thinking

At a team level the workshop will:

At a team level the workshop will; At a team level the workshop will; Equip the team members to effectively help re-balance each other; Facilitate enhanced performance

At a business level it will:

Demonstrate team wisdom and insight; Begin the process of building business-wide coherence; Enable curiosity and insight; Promotes health and well-being – based on enhanced performance; Create the basis for an emotionally safe and healthy environment; Has been known to enable the ‘odd miracle or two’!


  • Creating balance across the individual human system to raise awareness

  • What the energy drain feels like and how to create rechargeable batteries

  • Tools to deal with in the moment stress and anxiety, restoring calm and clarity quickly

  • Define the critical elements of team coherence

  • Build and demonstrate team coherence with those in the room

  • Show how wisdom and insight can be accessed – routinely ….and demonstrate what happens when emotions get the in the way

  • Create a longer term strategy to ensure the knowledge and benefits continue after the workshop has finished!

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