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Teddy Burriss

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Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool Sales beginner

Your B2B Sales Team should be using LinkedIn as a business tool with a purpose focused on your business goals. As a trainer, I provide our LinkedIn Training, Webinars, Seminars, keynote speeches and 1:1 coaching so your sales professionals can create the business value your business needs. I design, develop and deliver LinkedIn training, coaching, webinars, workshops, seminars, coaching and keynote speeches focused on the best practices of using LinkedIn so your sales team are better equipped in their role. Doing LinkedIn Training, my programs focus on developing four areas of LinkedIn: Why use LinkedIn as a business tool Building Professional LinkedIn Profiles Growing a highly focused and relevant LinkedIn Network Professional Reputation from engagement I love becoming globally trusted and respected providing LinkedIn Training and LinkedIn Coaching services. I enjoy providing social media training via workshops, seminars, webinars, public speeches, and individual coaching. It's exciting to be able to share my knowledge and help Sales teams, Business Development teams, students, non-profits, in regulated and unregulated industries. I enjoy providing sales teams LinkedIn Training and seeing them integrate the use of LinkedIn into their business processes. Hearing a business leader say, “I had no idea LinkedIn offered this much value to my business,” is a great feeling for me. It is my purpose as a LinkedIn Trainer to study and experiment with LinkedIn so I can then pass my knowledge on to others who can benefit from what I learn. My Specialties include: Sales Navigator LinkedIn Training LinkedIn Seminars LinkedIn Keynote Speeches Social Media Consultant, Training & Coaching YouTube LinkedIn Ghost Writer Leadership Coaching & Training services As a Trainer I also provide training on: Sales Navigator LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Google Apps