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Trusted Advisor

by Frank Steenhuizen

Languages: English, Dutch

Price (from): €2,200 / day

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About the trainer:

Frank supports companies with human and organisational development issues in the areas of management, human resources, sales, communication and cooperation. 

He has designed and delivered over hundreds highly interactive training days & coaching sessions for companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, ING, Rabobank, Mazda, Hyundai, Q-Park, Zimmer Biomet, Bastion Hotels.

Entrepreneur and partner at The Up Company. Is a trainer and coach for more than 15 years. Often on themes such as personal effectiveness, customer focus, communicating more effectively, making choices from a different behavioural style, improving assertiveness, etc. 

His motto is: the training or coaching is only meaningful if the desired behaviour is then created and permanently applied. 


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Trusted Advisor by Frank Steenhuizen

About the training

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Few sectors are as dynamic as the financial services sector. Professionals in the field are going through a transition: to advisers and Trusted Advisors. This training has been specially developed for accountancy firms, the legal profession and banks. Advisors are helped to fulfil their role as Trusted Advisor in practice towards their own clients. A monitor is used to provide optimal, fast and measurable support for this transition.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

This training helps you to take the next steps in your professional role as an advisor.

Learning outcomes

After following this program you will be seen by more clients as a trusted advisor.


You're going to build a deeper and more trusted relationship with customers.


You will learn how to move from content to relationship and become the customer's business friend.


You will work with a mentor and a monitor will be used to help secure the desired behaviour.


  • What is the role of a Trusted Advisor?

  • How do you deepen customer relations?

  • How do you get from solving to giving insight, thinking along and co-creation with your client?

  • Working with your own customer cases: from the current to the desired situation of the customer

  • Proactively pay attention to your customer. Examples of attention that the customer expects

  • What basic skills does a Trusted Advisor have?

  • What questions do you ask as a Trusted Advisor and how do you carry on asking questions to get more insight??

  • How do you build trust?

  • How to deal with choices in your daily work in relation to exceeding customer expectations?

  • What can you do to be seen as a Trusted Advisor?

  • What contributions can you make yourself to help realize the client's objectives?

  • How do you help the client with difficult dilemmas?

  • How do you go from making impact to movement?

  • What ambitious goals do you see with your clients and what can you do to help achieve those goals?

  • How can you be coached on your personal growth as a Trusted Advisor?

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