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by Janez Hudovernik

Languages: English, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian

Price (from): €3,980 / day

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About the trainer:

Janez Hudovernik is an experienced trainer and facilitator who has over 30 years of sales and leadership experience. He started his career in Sales at IBM Slovenia as a Sales Representative. Janez then moved into the training and consulting a business, where he has been active for the last 23 years. It is here that he developed his career, along with establishing his own consulting company, and is today focusing on complex sales training and coaching in the B2B business setting.

His specialty is the development of highly effective sales teams in various industries. Through these deliveries, he has gained profound knowledge in the telecommunications, automotive, retail and finance sectors. His work with sales teams is engaging, practical and supportive. He also has a strong reputation for working with successful sports teams in the topics of full engagement, motivation, and mental preparation.


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About the training

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Human energy is the most important asset of any organization. It is the ultimate driver of productivity. Without energy and resiliency, all the talent and skills of your employees remain valueless. Energy brings this potential of your employees to life. It is the fundamental currency of business.

Corporate word is facing an energy crisis. Crushing workloads, a 24/7 economy, and ever-increasing expectations require that leaders skilfully access high energy levels whenever and wherever the work experience demands it. Executives and High performers are under constant pressure to perform. Armed with Smartphones, Laptops and all apps they apply surgical precision to their allocation of time but lack the energy reserves to fully execute on their carefully designed plans.

Effectively managing energy requires training as an elite athlete. To increase capacity for performing under pressure, leaders and high performers must train strategically to improve their ability to expend and recover energy more efficiently and effectively.

In this one of a kind training, we are offering you our 17 plus years of experience in training and coaching of Leaders and High Performers. This is a whole new category of performance training: Personal Energy Management.

Learning outcomes


Learn how to maximize performance and increase productivity in all aspects of your business and personal life.


Acquire the comprehensive energy management skills required to make energy investments in any area of life that really matters; Enhance personal and organizational engagement


Develop rituals to support maximum performance and replace non-effective habits that potentially compromise success of any important objective; Improved Health and Wellness


Explore how to effectively expand energy capacity in order to improve productivity.


  • 1. Personal energy crisis

  • 2. Get to know the success pyramid: four dimensions of human energy

  • 3. How to make long-term change – the process in three steps

  • 4. Face the truth – self-evaluation and measurement

  • 5. Define your purpose and goal – inside out approach

  • 6. Biohacking – key steps

  • 7. Mental and emotional toughness exercises

  • 8. How to build new rituals – 6 steps of habit building

  • 9. Action plan for personal and professional development

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