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Change management and employee accountability

by Max Formisano

Languages: English

Price (from): €1 / day

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About the trainer:

I have founded Max Formisano Training in 2003, which today is the n°1 company in Italy to learn how to speak in public and to better manage one’s own time and productivity.

I published 9 books, including "Public Speaking per tutti" and the bestsellers "Produttività 300%", "Se solo potessi" (with a preface by the "guru" of the American management, Stephen MR Covey), "Go Simple – Semplifica il to business, Libera la tua vita” and “ K.O.” (4-handed written with the former world boxing champion Patrizio Oliva).
I have been interviewed several times by Repubblica, Sky, Il Giornale, Rai2, Il Messaggero, Millionaire.
I stand out for the simplicity and the schematization of my formative interventions.

I train multinationals like Vodafone, Samsung, Takeda, Gardaland and large companies such as Tecnocasa, FonSai, Fromm, Solvay, Rcs,).
I carry out individual coaching on public speaking to show business personalities (such as chef Cannavacciuolo), politicians, sportspeople (such as Patrizio Oliva, Alex Bellini ...) and entrepreneurs.


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Change management and employee accountability by Max Formisano

About the training

#strengthening self-confidence   #improving decision-making capacity   #self-efficacy   #proactivity

New goals, market upheavals, unexpected events and much more. Living the change as an "enemy" today is an old idea and not very useful. Learning to follow it, accept it and adapt to it means to develop the new mental tools that make you more productive and ready to react instead of complaining.


The goal is to offer awareness that there can be more possibilities and different solutions for each problem. It is also about the ability to respond to negative situations without being conditioned by events. With this process, one acquires greater mastery, control, and personal power in work and in one's life, with important effects on self-esteem, confidence and on feeling oneself as creators of one's own results.


Accountability aims to involve staff and motivate them. Every individual within the organization feels they have more possibilities for development and growth. All this means working on flexibility, on the ability to make a decision and be focused on the solutions without ever being stuck on the problems, excuses, alibis: we talk about proactivity and problem-solving.

Learning outcomes


Understand the difference between "fault" and "responsibility" of an event and learn to act accordingly.


Acquiring the mental tools to cope with changing scenarios and sudden events.


Increase self-esteem and ability to react to conditions, increase proactivity and decision-making capacity and problem-solving.


  • Changing scenarios and change resistance

  • Logical levels of thought

  • The belief system and its influence

  • The concept of respons-ability

  • Two different approaches: the "walnut" model and the "apricot" model

  • Limits, complaints and self-sabotage: how to recognize them

  • The limiting and empowering habits

Main benefits

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