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Shaping a new experience

Trainergram is a bridge between trainers and customers who are looking for a trainer in a specific topic.

It is easy, fast, simple and safe to look around, read and book an in-house training with a few clicks.

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On Trainergram, we have the biggest selection and the highest quality trainings and in-house courses. We are providing a platform for professional trainers and the biggest experts of all kinds of industries.

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Our trainers are the World's leading experts. To provide the most reliable service, we are in continuous touch with the instructors.


Top Trainings

You can find in-house trainings on the hottest topics, and be sure that you will be highly satisfied.

Measuring, Monitoring & Improving the Costumer ExperienceAlan PowerDetails
Action Centred LeadershipAlan PowerDetails
Next Generation Performance Management (PM)and Performance Appraisals (PA)Robert MosleyDetails

What our customers say about us!

“Valuable and interesting training event with a very professional trainer”
- Swedbank

“Well organized and detailed learning course with examples and training proactive sequences. Well done training in the "caused by" thinking and methodology”
- HENSELMANN Consulting & Project GmbHed   

“Very successful, rich content event. A lot of insights to think about and take away”
- Addiko Bank