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Culture4Gamification - Gamification for Strategic Management (Sales, IT, Marketing, HR)

by Emir Dzanic

Languages: English

Price (from): €4,200 / day

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About the trainer:

Dr Emir Dzanic holds a PhD in the area of Open innovation and organisational culture. He is an accomplished director and manager for innovation, with a passion for helping organisations, position and adapt their services to be different, dazzling or downright disruptive!
For most of his career, he worked in the area of innovation for private companies as well as for ministries and consultant companies. He organised and lead open innovation teams on the company level, implemented open innovation and started more than a few strategic projects. One of those projects is the organizational culture transformation on a company level with the objective to enable new business models, services and products to appear at all levels. For most of that organizational culture and behaviour changes internal as well as external sources of innovation were called in. Other successful projects that have arisen out of open innovation implementation were disruptive robotic cook, spin-off company dedicated to large R&D projects for the food industry and many more. 


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Culture4Gamification - Gamification for Strategic Management (Sales, IT, Marketing, HR) by Emir Dzanic

About the training

#gamification   #culture   #gamification and innovation   #motivation   #human resources   #employee engagement

Gamification is a great method for increasing employee motivation, autonomy, engagement, and efficiency. The focus of this course is for the use of gamification in Strategic Human Resources. In this workshop, you will learn how to apply gamification in HR practice, based on specific Culture4Gamification methodology, designed especially for gamification in a business environment.

The mission of this workshop is to understand and embrace the concepts of Gamification thinking & design in particular in the Human Resources Strategy in order to incorporate engagement, fun, mastery, and autonomy for employees by using the tools & techniques for Gamification.

Gamification is the use of game design techniques & design elements to solve real problems and engage audiences.  

Gamification is a complex topic that relies on a multidisciplinary approach. In this course, different areas of gamification will be covered.  You'll learn the basics concepts, ways of thinking, motivating and designing in gamification and will discover a series of tips and real examples of businesses that used gamification to great results.

At this interactive two-day workshop dr. Emir Dzanic and Snjezana Slabek will pass their skills on gamification design and building a culture of gamification within your organization. The participants will work together through best practices and will go through the expertly designed gamification canvas and finally build their own HR process gamification roadmap.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to come up with a complete gamification plan for any project. You will master the basics of aesthetics, dynamics, and mechanics of gamification. You will understand the importance of the interaction of all elements and components.

2-day workshop

Learning outcomes


What is gamification and what is not? Motivation 3.0 and gamification. Aesthetics of gamification. The science of engagement.


Culture4Gamification model canvas. Main phases of gamification design. Defining the Challenge & Goals. Gamification loop. Understanding the players. Learn to design the gamified HR scenario. Storytelling. Hero's call. Mechanics and dynamics for different phases. Rules.


Get the company ready for gamification. Digital drivers and corporate culture. Building awareness and a holistic gamification strategy.


Build a great plan - a roadmap for the implementation of gamification in strategic HR processes.


  • What is gamification and what is not?

  • Motivation 3.0 and gamification

  • Digital drivers

  • Aesthetics of gamification

  • The science of engagement

  • The theory of flow

  • Culture4Gamification model canvas

  • Main phases of gamification design

  • Defining the Challenge & Goals

  • Gamification loop

  • Understanding the players

  • Learn to design gamified HR scenario

  • Storytelling

  • Hero's call

  • Mechanics and dynamics for different phases

  • Rules

  • Get company ready for gamification

  • Digital drivers and corporate culture

  • Building awareness and a holistic gamification strategy

  • Building a roadmap in a group; a great plan for implementation of gamification in one of strategic HR processes

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