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Preventing back (and other related) injuries

by Gary Keohane

Languages: German, English

Price (from): €3,800 / day

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About the trainer:

Gary worked as an occupational health and safety (H&S) practitioner as well as in environmental protection and fire safety and fire prevention for 20 years starting as a safety assistant and finished his career as an international H&S manager for one of the world‘s leading wind turbine manufacturers. He was the technical team leader for 50+ H&S professionals as well as being the overall Point of Contact (POC) for consultants globally. Although Gary is no longer practicing H&S as a profession, he is still very active as a trainer/workshop presenter (since 2006) as well as being active as an international event and motivational speaker. As a result of Gary‘s professional and personal circumstances, he is now focusing as being a psychological health practitioner in combination with being a stress & burnout adviser, mental health consultant and his preparation to become a teacher in yoga and meditation. Gary‘s mottoes are: „Prevention is better than the cure“ and KISSS (keeping it short, simple and sexy)!

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Preventing back (and other related) injuries by Gary Keohane

About the training

#Identification, Awareness & Prevention   #TAP   #Simple, Effective and Very Informative   #Plenty of good humor   #Focus and prevention

The trainer experience.

05.02.2020 - the summary description for this training is currently under review and will be published in the very near future. Therefore, please keep an eye on this page for news and updates.

Learning outcomes

Prevent incidents and consequences

Audiences will be reminded of what options and angles to focus on to prevent such incidents and the potential consequences

Learn about responsibility

Audiences will be reminded of how essential it is for staff to also be responsible to themselves (and others around them) for what they do and how they do it at work AND also at home

Simple, effective and very informative

One of the biggest advantages of training is a trainer having had first-hand experiences


  • Meet and greet (CEO, managing director, local head-of, etc.)

  • Commencement of the TAP: icebreaker

  • TAP via headlines, bullet points, scenarios with practical demonstrations and plenty of audience interaction

  • A question and answer session at the end

  • A tour of the workplace facilities and observe work practices and processes as mentioned in the Follow-up above

  • Creating and maintaining awareness – given the necessity. The potential to consider, identify, plan, prepare, implement and present in-house training and low-level, periodical toolbox talks by HR, managers and / or supervisors… or even staff themselves

  • The potential for identifying and (action) planning aims and objectives where necessities are foreseen

  • Conclusions, wash-up and dispersal

Main benefits

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  • #Fast and cheap
  • #Highest level of proficiency